Gay Kickball USA


Gay Kickball USA’s rules have been built with the guidance of organizations and leaders from across the United States. These rules are focused on strong competitive play while enforcing the primary goal of kickball, fun.

Official Rules of Gay Kickball USA

Our goal is to provide a standardized rule book to be used as a best practices and guidance to new and existing LGBTQIA+ kickball leagues.
Across the country, each league operates with a variety of game rules and elements that make it difficult for players to adapt to new cities or play in tournaments. We hope to optimize the best elements of all cities and build a balanced game that plays to all players' strengths. The standardized rule book will be used at GKUSA sponsored tournaments.


Join the Conversation

Our official rules have launched!!
As we continue evolving our rule set, we want to welcome fellow kickball players to add their input to specific rules that vary from city to city.

Thanks for helping us make the best standardized kickball rules in the nation.