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GAY KICKBALL USA hosted our first national tournament in Austin, TX April 2019.

20 teams from across America in an epic 2 day competition. A Division Champions: Raleigh Llamas (from Raleigh, NC)
B Division Champions: Lil’ Kix (from NYC)

2020 QUALIFIER TOURNAMENTS will be held throughout the year by GKUSA or partnered organizations. The winners of the qualifying tournaments will be invited to attend the GKUSA tournament for free. The 2020 GKUSA TOURNAMENT is currently looking at new host locations which will be announced in the Fall of 2019!

TEAM RECORDS will be recorded in the GKUSA database to create a ranking system of competing teams in the United States.


Hello, World!

Gay Kickball World Championships
to Apr 28

Gay Kickball World Championships

Gay Kickball USA Tournament in Austin TX!

The world’s first unified kickball tournament, bringing together the best teams in America to compete for the World’s Best title! 24 Teams Compete in 2 divisions.

Register at

Sponsored Partners: Stonewall Sports, Varsity Gay League, Big Apple Sports, Hot Mess Nashville Sports and Phoenix Fire Sports.

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Varsity Gay League Sports Festival 2018
to Sep 3

Varsity Gay League Sports Festival 2018

Previously the Desert Cup Tournament, the Varsity Gay League Sports Festival has been re-branded as a multi-sports event in the West Coast. Welcoming players from across the nation to San Diego, a weekend of celebration, competition and parties is in store for all guests. This year's sports include Kickball and Dodgeball, with more to follow. 

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Stonewall Sports 5th Annual Sports Festival & Summit
to Jul 15

Stonewall Sports 5th Annual Sports Festival & Summit

Each year, the Stonewall Sports National Tournament & Summit welcomes players and spectators from across the country. This year, the celebrated annual event will be in New Orleans. A unique tournament experience, players and spectators will enjoy the rich and culturally diverse history of the city. The tournament will offer several popular sports, including kickball, dodgeball, and volleyball.

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